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Hollaback! At Rape Culture

The Chronicle

March 18, 2015

By Katie Becker, Hollaback! Duke Social Media Chair

“No one should have to go through the experience of harassment or sexual violence alone, particularly on a campus that can be so isolating already. Thanks to organizations like Hollaback! and others, women across the world are creating a support network, and, in doing so, are on the front lines of a social movement. It’s okay to stand up and say that harassment isn’t normal and it isn’t “just a compliment.” We’ve got your back.”


When Public Violence Is Invisible

The Chronicle

November 6, 2014

By Katie Becker, Hollaback! Duke Social Media Chair

“Street harassment and related forms of public harassment are not compliments. They have very real consequences. Victims report a decreased sense of safety as well as mental health effects including depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

On a societal level, street harassment creates and reinforces a culture of gender violence. Gender violence exists on a spectrum, and all harassing or violent behaviors are interrelated. While behaviors like catcalling or threatening comments may not seem as serious when compared with rape, they contribute to an atmosphere where more violent or extreme forms of gender violence are far too acceptable.”


Hollaback Y’all

Duke Student Affairs

May 17, 2012

Ada Gregory, Founder of the Moxie Project

“Ever been catcalled, felt up, ogled or otherwise harassed walking down the street, dancing at a club, riding on the subway or just minding your own business? Yeah, thought so–us too.  That’s why we love Hollaback! Co-founder and Executive Director, Emily May, and people all over the world are shaking things up with a smart phone, a website and the power of their stories. By collecting, sharing and mapping stories, Hollaback is making a movement to end street harassment.”